The arts concierge service

Forty years of professional experience of the art market and the exhibition of works have enabled us to establish a solid network of experts, craftsmen and creative professionals. These trusted partners, whose work we are intimately acquainted with, are duly referenced for their excellence and the quality of their services.

Abraham & Wolff offers free expert advice about the management of art objects and works of art, specifically in terms of framing, basing, presentation, preventive conservation, transport and restoration, across all materials and techniques. In the context of the sale or purchase of works of art, we can also help to identify the best circuits and trusted professionals.

Each of these partners is signatory to a charter established by the gallery, guaranteeing the quality of their work. In a spirit of transparency and respect for the arts, Abraham & Wolff undertakes not to collect any margins or capital gain on the services provided. In return, the partners undertake to offer high-quality services based on free quotations and prior, detailed and complete information.

To benefit from our advice, you can click on this link to make an appointment.

Our partners

A specific arrangement has been set up with Cadre en Seine, whose consultancy services have proven their worth in the context of partnerships with the most important galleries, private collections and public institutions.