Francisco Tropa

Abstract etching from 2010 by Portuguese artist Francisco Tropa
Francisco Tropa, Polynésie, 2010, etching, 15 x 20 cm
Screen-printed box from 2020 by the Portuguese artist Francisco Tropa containing sand and screen-printed reproductions of advertisements from an old scientific journal entitled The Lung and the Heart
Francisco Tropa, Le poumon et le coeur, 2020, silkscreen on paper, sand, fabric
Silkscreen print from 2012 by Portuguese artist Francisco Tropa inspired by medieval cosmography in shades of blue, yellow and green.
Francisco Tropa, Terra platónica, 2012, silkscreen on paper, 56 x 76 cm
Graphite rubbing from 2009 by the Portuguese artist Francisco Tropa
Francisco Tropa, Herbes, 2009, graphite on paper, 45 x 33.5 cm
Monotype from 2014 by the Portuguese artist Francisco Tropa representing a form painted in brown and blue.
Francisco Tropa, 2014, etching ink on paper velin (monotype), 54 x 43 cm, unique

Francisco Tropa (born in 1968) is the creator of a universe of his own, unfolding through complex installations that evoke themes such as the body in movement, time, death, play and archaeology. These installations are made up of mysterious objects that the artist elaborates at the crossroads of multiple artistic, historical, literary or philosophical references, which feed an original reflection turned towards the problems that cross the history of sculpture from Antiquity to our days. Combining conceptual thinking with traditional know-how, Francisco Tropa’s creations employ a wide range of media and techniques, from watchmaking to casting, from blown glass to video, and from painting to various printing and engraving processes. 

The drawing room houses works as diverse as abstract etchings, rubbings reminiscent of Max Ernst’s (1891-1976) experiments, drawings and silkscreens inspired by medieval cosmography and the architectural utopia of Paul Scheerbart (1863-1915), as well as silkscreened boxes. So many works that testify to a constantly renewed inspiration.