Katinka Bock, Bruno Botella, Miriam Cahn

View of the exhibition Katinka Bock, Bruno Botella, Miriam Cahn
Vew of the exhibition
Sculpture in wood, ceramic and metal by the artist Katinka Bock
Katinka Bock, C’est la taille qui compte (It’s the size that matters), 2023, wood, ceramic, metal, 3 elements 62 x 12 x 17 cm
Pencil and pigment drawing by Swiss artist Miriam Cahn
Miriam Cahn, o.t., 24.1.94, pencil and pigments on paper, 26 x 36 cm
Calligraphy brush drawing by French artist Bruno Botella representing an unexpected and strange motif like a hallucination
Bruno Botella, Untitled, 2021, calligraphy brush, 36 x 25,5 cm

For this new exhibition, Abraham & Wolff is delighted to present a selection of drawings by Miriam Cahn and Bruno Botella, as well as four new sculptures by Katinka Bock.

Inspired by feminist and protest struggles, Miriam Cahn’s work draws its energy from the anger and indignation felt in the face of violence and injustice. Like her paintings, her drawings are haunted by themes of sex, power and war. The representation of the body as a site for the exercise of power plays a central role. 

Bruno Botella’s drawings are a continuation of the plastic and sensory experiments through which the artist has attempted to capture the imprint of a psychic activity in a sculpted object. The artist lets his calligraphy brush run as freely as possible, in order to bring out, in his own words, an “unexpected and strange image like a hallucination”.

Whether in ceramic, wood, bronze or metal, Katinka Bock’s sculptures are often the result of simple gestures, directly visible in their form: folding, pressing, dropping, printing, rolling up, balancing. The sculpture entitled C’est la taille qui compte (It’s the size that counts) consists of a piece of carved and shaped wood, one side of which is balanced on a metal rod. At one end, the wood has a hollow in which a folded white ceramic form is nestled.