Katinka Bock

View of the Katinka Bock exhibition
New set of sculptures by the artist Katinka Bock dating from 2023
View of the Katinka Bock exhibition
Green glazed ceramic sculpture by the artist Katinka Bock created in 2023
Katinka Bock, I’m your man, 2023, glazed ceramic, 60 x 9 x 5 cm, unique
Work dating from 2023 by the artist Katinka Bock comprising a blue insulated canvas, three bronze mouldings of apricot stones and a ceramic handle.
Katinka Bock, Der blaue Sonnenstich, 2023, canvas, ceramic, bronze, 5 elements : 80.5 x 130.5 cm, unique
Sculpture dating from 2023 by the artist Katinka Bock, composed of two white ceramic pieces nested one inside the other.
Katinka Bock, Pavillon (Reunification), 2023, ceramic, 31 x 14 x 13 cm, unique

Abraham & Wolff is delighted to dedicate this new exhibition to the work of Katinka Bock. For the occasion, the artist has entrusted us with a selection of pieces straight from her studio, including monotypes and small sculptures. They are shown in a scenography that she has specially designed for our space. 

This new ensemble captures the essence of the key gestures and themes that characterise the artist’s practice. Three sculptures in brown clay marked by an imprint reminiscent of scales bear witness not only to Katinka Bock’s interest in folded and creased forms, but also to the particular attention she pays to traces, a recurring motif that runs through her sculptural work as well as her photographs and monotypes. I’m your man, a green glazed ceramic piece designed to emphasise the boundary of the wall on which it is hung, is part of the artist’s research into the notions of border and threshold, understood as places of communication between the inside and outside of the spaces in which her works are exhibited. Another important source of reflection, the exploration of separation and the link between bodies, seems to inspire a piece composed of two interlocking white ceramics entitled Pavillon (Reunification). Particularly sensitive to issues of space and time, Katinka Bock sometimes exposes some of her creations to natural processes of alteration, allowing time and the external environment to affect the work, as with this blue canvas fixed to a stretcher after having been insolated in certain places. On the upper edge of the stretcher are three bronze replicas of apricot pits, reminiscent of other casts of real objects made by the artist: fish, cacti and cherry pits.